Ford Everest 2022 Philippines is a name that is not strange to users in the Philippines. The SUV model itself from this American car company has many years of attachment to this country. Experiencing many upgrades and changes to match the development of the market, but perhaps never before has the new generation of Everest created such an explosive effect as in the 2022 upgrade. A series of comfortable and safe equipment that can compete with competitors in the same segment are the points that make Ford Everest 2022 get a lot of attention from users. To help you get a deeper look at this SUV model, the following article will be some reviews of the Ford Everest 2022 Philippines.

Review of exterior Ford Everest 2022 Philippines

Ford Everest 2022 continues to maintain the same overall dimensions

Ford Everest 2022 owns an impressive eye-catching exterior with many unique designs. The designer of this model said that the Everest design process was very special. Ideas are taken from Everest users all over the world.


Ford Everest 2022 continues to maintain the same overall dimensions as the old version with DXRXC parameters respectively 4,892 x 1,860 x 1,837 (mm), wheelbase 2,850 mm and ground clearance 210 mm and turning radius respectively. 5.5m. These parameters help give the Ford Everest 2022 an SUV-style dignified appearance, but also so it is quite cumbersome when moving in the city. However, when traveling on the road, this off-road appearance helps the SUV model conquer many terrains well.

Car head

The front end of the Ford Everest 2022 car creates an impressive highlight with the honeycomb steering wheel with chrome rim, both luxurious and sturdy. The most notable is the bonnet with embossed ribs and the words “Everest” to help increase identification and enhance the aesthetics of the car. Meanwhile, the front bumper is lowered and widened to bring a more solid, sportier feel. It is thanks to this special design that many people also call it Ford Everest sport 2022 Philippines.

Exterior equipment

This headlight cluster is integrated with an automatic on/off feature to increase illumination

The most advanced version of Ford Everest 2022 is equipped with bi-led headlights with optimal illumination. This headlight cluster is integrated with an automatic on/off feature to increase illumination and limit glare for oncoming vehicles. In addition, the car also has a positioning LED strip, which both increases aesthetics, and luxury, and enhances better identification.

The rearview mirror on the titanium version is also plated with shiny chrome, increasing the rigidity of the body. Mirrors are fully integrated with electric folding/adjustment features, turn signal lights create convenience for the driver.


Ford Everest Titanium 2.0l at 4wd moves with 20-inch “legs” with a v-shaped 6-spoke design combined with 265/50r20 tires. The large tire size and modern design make the body more SUV-like.

Interior review 2022 Ford Everest Philippines

Ford Everest is carefully invested to bring convenience to users

The interior of the 2022 Ford Everest is carefully invested to bring convenience to users. In particular, the cockpit feels masculine and strong from the outside to the inside.


The steering wheel on the most advanced version is a 3-spoke leather-covered form with a lot of control buttons integrated. Right behind the steering wheel is a color instrument cluster with a fairly sharp display combined with 2 high-resolution TFT screens, allowing to display a lot of information for the driver to easily grasp and control the vehicle such as tire pressure, and vehicle balance when off-road.

The gear lever on Everest titanium 4×4 is covered with leather and chrome plated, giving it a sturdy and luxurious feel. The gearshift area is arranged with all functions such as parallel parking, differential lock, and rear axle power… all are very intuitive, easy to get used to, and control. Next to it is a handbrake with a pretty design.

The armrest in the driver’s seat is quite wide and covered with leather, providing a comfortable feeling of support. Right below this armrest is a storage compartment with a capacity of about 6 small water bottles.

Modern and luxurious interior amenities

Ford Everest 2022 does not have many upgrades in terms of comfort equipment because recently, this SUV model has been updated with many modern features.

Regarding the infotainment system, Ford Everest titanium 2.0l at 4wd 2022 is equipped with an 8-inch touch-sensitive central screen with new sync 3.4 technology, which supports Bluetooth, aux, USB, phone connectivity smart via applink/android auto/apple carplay app… comes with a 10-speaker subwoofer (subwoofer) sound system.

The air conditioning system on the 2022 version is an independent 2-zone automatic with the ability to cool quite quickly and deeply. All seats have air vents in the ceiling, allowing occupants in any position to be able to adjust to their liking. The car has a 1-touch electric glass door in the driver’s seat and an electric panoramic sunroof that brings an extremely spacious feeling to the interior space.

All variants of Ford Everest 2022 are fully equipped with a smart key & push button start, cruise control. The car is equipped with interior lights in each row of seats, meeting the needs of reading books or doing some other personal things in the car.

Engine rating

Ford Everest 2022 is powered by a 2.0-liter twin-turbo diesel engine

Ford Everest 2022 is powered by a 2.0-liter twin-turbo diesel engine block producing 213 horsepower at 3,750 rpm with maximum torque of 500nm at 1,750 – 2,500 rpm. rpm, combined with a 10-speed automatic transmission.

Press the start button and the 210-hp more powerful machine vibrates slightly and everything seems to return to the idle state of the engine because of the amazing smoothness.

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Ford Everest 2022 Price Philippines

Ford Everest 2022 in the Philippines is very popular and has a price from p1,799,000.00. The lowest price is Ford Everest 2.0 turbo trend 4×2 at, ranging up to Ford Everest 2.0 bi-turbo titanium + 4×4 at priced at p2,495,000.00. For more accurate prices, you can refer to our price list below:

Ford Everest 2022 Price Philippines


New Ford Everest 2022 Philippines is a super product to look forward to. The manufacturer has improved many modern features of this car to make it more useful for users. In addition, the luxurious exterior design and fully equipped interior will surely make you feel satisfied. The price of Ford Everest 2022 is quite high, so many users consider it before watching. However, through the evaluation, we see that its price is completely consistent with the features that users can use. If you are concerned because the budget is not enough to buy a new Ford Everest 2022, you can choose used cars.

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