Are you looking for a supercar from a well-known Japanese automaker? If so, you cannot pass the Nissan GTR 2022. An aggressive look with a powerful engine will take you to speeds you have never dreamt of.

This article will give all the necessary information about the Nissan GTR specs and features in 2022. Scroll down to find more.


Introduced in 2007 at the Tokyo Motor Show, it was not until 2016 that the Nissan GTR officially made its first debut in the Philippines. 

The car completely stimulated the Philippines automobile market due to its eye-catching appearance, sleek inside design, and intoxicating sound of four exhaust pipes.

In the Philippines, it comes in two variants: Nissan GTR Nismo 3.8 V6 AT and Nissan GTR Premium 3.8 V6 AT. 

Seven colors are offered, ranging from orange to red, black, silver, gray, white, and blue. Each hue is available for a specific variant so that Filipinos can have various choices for the most suitable one.

Nissan GTR Specs In The Philippines

Since its first launch, Nissan GTR has created a distinct impression on car experts and enthusiasts. Let’s look at the specs of this supercar to see why it still has gained unique attraction in 2022.

Body TypeCoupe
Seating Capacity4
VariantsNissan GTR Nismo 3.8 V6 AT 
Nissan GTR Premium 3.8 V6 AT
Fuel TypeGasoline
Transmission TypeAutomatic
Engine TypeTwin-Turbo V6
Max Output (HP)565 HP @ 6,800 rpm – 600 HP @ 6,800 rpm
Max torque output467Nm @ 3,300 rpm – 481 Nm @ 3600 rpm
DrivetrainAttesa E-TS
Wheel Size20 inch

Nissan GTR Review


The dimension of the Nissan GTR is 4710mmL x 1895mmW x 1370mmH, though the Nismo variant is a bit shorter at 4690mmL. Combined with the height of ground clearance which is 110mm, the car looks even more extravagant and subtle.

In the front, it is impressive with slimmer and swept-back headlamps. Besides, two air scoops are embedded on the left and right of the bonnet, creating a dynamic and contemporary appearance while it is on the road.

In the rare, Nissan GTR 2022 is outstanding with a long spoiler, and four titanium exhausts help to cool the heat instantly. On top of that, these pipes are hand-crafted by master artisans instead of massive production, producing an exotic sound that others do not have. 

Even small detail is improved for version 2022 with large grille openings and the C-pillar for better cooling and reduction of a vortex, enabling the car to overcome any speed limit.


The inside of the Nissan GTR 2022 is charming and deluxe with leather-covered seats and a steering wheel, offering a comfortable and premium feeling to the driver. Passengers can also find premium carbon-fiber trim on the center console. 

Thanks to the state-of-the-art technology, every control is now in handy with an 8-inch touch screen and ergonomics design. USB and Bluetooth connections are also available for this model.

The space is roomy for four people with a lot of legroom and headroom, elevating the travel experience to the fullest.


Being equipped with a 3.8-L Twin-Turbo V6 engine, the Nissan GTR can accelerate from zero to 60 mph in only 2.5 seconds with max outputs of 600 HP and 481 Nm. 

The engine’s power is transmitted to all wheels via the 6-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission, helping the car to be stable even at a peak speed of 205 mph.

Although having incredible power, Nissan GTR is fuel-efficient, with an amount consumption of 13.18 kmpl on highways.

Safety Features

To protect passengers from unexpected incidents, the famous Japanese manufacturer equips Nissan GTR with six airbags, including dual front airbags, two at the sides and the overhead ones. 

The 3-point emergency locking retractor system is available in all seats, keeping passengers position if traffic collisions occur and increasing living ability.

Other standard protection measures come in handy: Anti-Lock Braking System, Vehicle Stability Control, parking sensors, etc.

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Nissan GTR Price In The Philippines

The price of the Nissan GTR 2022 reduces to ₱8,900,000 in 2022, offering Filipinos a saving of ₱735,000 compared to the version in 2021. Thus, Filipinos can sit behind the wheel of a premium car by paying less than 10 million.

You can choose the financing breakdown scheme if you cannot pay all amounts at once. The first down payment will be 20% of the car’s value, at ₱1,068,000. Then, ₱626,086.00 will be paid monthly for 12 months continuously.

About the Nismo variant, the selling price is higher, with the figure being ₱13,200,000. However, please remember that the price may vary based on different areas. Therefore, you need to contact the local dealerships for up-to-the-minute information.


Nissan GTR is a dreamy coupe for many people regardless of its exorbitant price tags. Its modern exterior, high-quality interior, and energetic engine satisfy even the most fastidious customer. 

With the information about Nissan GTR specs, you now know why it is named The Legend. Go to the nearest automobile store to possess this beast now.

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