We understand that purchasing a car is never an easy decision for anyone. So, this Ford Bronco specs review will help you explore all the standard features of the Bronco. After reading this article, you can decide whether to buy this car from Ford. 

The Ford Bronco is one of the most well-known and expected vehicles, which is suitable for many purposes, including daily driving, off-terrain, and off-road racing.

Do you wonder what features make up this incredible characteristic of the Ford Bronco? Let’s keep reading to discover!


Ford Has Recently Lauched The New Everglades

On the Ford Bronco 2022, Ford revived the legendary Bronco logo used for a tough and competent ladder-frame SUV. Further, the brand introduced the more urban-friendly 5-door Bronco Sport, which has a stronger focus on comfort and driving characteristics for softer tarmac materials, besides the current 3-door and 4-door types. 

However, the Ford Bronco Sport has only one model available in the Philippines market, the Badlands Edition. Additionally, Ford released two special edition models called the Raptor and the Everglades.

Ford Bronco Specs 

Dimension And Seat Capacity

The dimensions of the Ford Bronco are 4412mm x 1928mm x 1826mm, respectively length, width, and height. With these measurements, the car can have a maximum of 5 adults, including the driver.

The Ford Bronco Sport looks a lot like the ordinary Bronco from the exterior, but it has distinctive characteristics that make it look like a cargo van. This Sport edition has a boxy form and an elevated outlook that give it a powerful presence and is accentuated by its huge size.


Inside The Ford Bronco 2022

Ford Bronco 2022 interior is truly incredible. The 2022 updates improve the whole riding experience for drivers. This SUV has the most recent SYNC 4 infotainment system and a 12-inch touchscreen to ensure that every part of your journey is enjoyable.

With its expansive design and free-mounted touch screen, the center console brings a reliable feeling to the infotainment system. On the other hand, the interiors are vertically positioned with AC vents on each side. 

The transmission tunnel has a rotary dial for the gearbox and driving mode selector. Other Bronco’s remarkable features are a single pane sunroof, powered front seats, leather upholstery, rear AC vents, etc. The space inside the cabin is impressive, with a cavernous boot compartment.


Ford Bronco engine is a 2.0-liter gasoline engine, producing 245 horsepower and 373 Nm of torque. The 1998cc gasoline engine effectively works when paired with a 10-speed automatic transmission. The suspension performance is amazing, while the tires are big. 

Besides, the 35-inch mud-terrain tires, Beadlock wheels, and electronic locking are considered significant characteristics of the Bronco. The steering is also accurate and well-controllable. 


Ford never claimed which specific 10-speed automatic gearbox would appear on the Bronco, but recent reports stated that the two Ford vehicles would share more features than their manufacturer. Fortunately, Ford has now acknowledged that the Explorer’s 10R60 gearbox is also used in the Bronco.

Other Features

Unlike other Bronco models with the standard drivetrain, the Sport has an independent suspension on all wheels and an all-wheel drivetrain, making the car more comfortable to drive on smoother asphalt roads. 

Additionally, for a customized driving experience, the car includes Goes Over Any Terrain (GOAT) settings that provide Normal, Rock Crawl, Sand, Mud/Ruts, Sport, and Eco. 

The Badlands version sold in the Philippines market also features torque vectoring and a dual-clutch rear differential that can be used as a rear locking differential.

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Ford Bronco Price

The Ford Bronco Raptor Is The Most Expensive

The pricing list below is converted from US Dollars to Pesos because the 2022 Ford Bronco is not officially sold in the Philippines. Further, the cost will be substantially greater if the vehicle is imported due to the additional taxes and charges. The 2022 Ford Bronco Raptor price is the highest, sold at ₱3,771,000. Moreover, Ford provides the Bronco model with two types of doors: two doors and four doors. So, the price of each model will vary depending on this factor.

Base: ₱1,700,000Base: ₱1,910,000
Big Bend: ₱1,950,000Big Bend: ₱2,060,000
Black Diamond: ₱2,100,000Black Diamond: Contact sellers
Outer Banks: ₱2,250,000Outer Banks: ₱2,365,000
Badlands: ₱2,450,000Badlands: ₱2,565,000
Wildtrak: ₱2,750,000Wildtrak: ₱2,820,000
Everglades: ₱2,918,000
Raptor: ₱3,771,000


This article provides the fullest information on the Ford Bronco specs, including dimension, engine, transmission, safety features, technology, and price. Depending on your demands and budget, you can consider whether this Bronco model is your ideal option or not.

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